New Coverart.

In the third episode of the new Muppets Podcast. We take a look at the latest news stories in The Muppets Podcast News Flash including Man or Muppet winning the Oscar, The Muppets Sequel News, The new BBC/Jim Henson Company Television collaboration, and more. We talk about Jim Henson's The Storyteller and share some feedback. You can subscribe in iTunes. Show Notes: 0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Muppets Podcast NewsFlash
1:05 - NewsFlash - Muppets Sequel
2:18 - NewsFlash - Oscars
3:38 - NewsFlash - No Strings Attached
4:24 - NewsFlash - Being Elmo Netflix
4:52 - NewSFlash - Augmented Reality
6:35 - NewsFlash - Elmos World Tour
7:39 - NewsFlash - A Tale of Sand
9:36 - NewsFlash - MPSE Golden Reel
10:14 - Muppet Talk
15:14 - Muppets Podcast Feedback
21:05 - Contact Us You can e-mail us at You can call us at (302) 4MUPPET. You can tweet us at @MuppetsPodcast. You can Find us on Facebook and also Find us on Google+.

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