The Muppets Podcast with Jimmy in GA

In the second episode of the new Muppets Podcast. We talk about my recent trip to Downtown Disney. We take a look at ten of the latest news stories in The Muppets Podcast News Flash including Man or Muppet and the Oscars, The Kids Choice Awards, The Muppets Opens in the UK, Piggy at BAFTA and more. We also share some more Muppet websites including MuppetCast, Muppet Musings, MuppetFans and The Muppet Kid. We take a look at the latest Muppet Marvel Magazine and more. Subscribe in iTunes.

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro and Welcome

1:48 Muppet Talk

2:38 Muppet Talk - Downtown Disney

5:20 Muppet Talk - Muppet Vision 3D Bank

6:11 Muppet Talk - Muppet Band-Aids & Pez

6:37 Muppet Talk - Muppets Take Manhattan and Dark Crystal

7:54 Muppet Talk - The Muppets in Dollar Theater

8:31 Muppets Podcast News Flash

8:46 - News Flash Oscar Petition

9:59 - News Flash Kermit & Piggy at Oscars

11:07 - News Flash Puppet School

11:53 - News Flash Cravendale Ad

12:17 - News Flash Digital Effects & The Muppets

13:07 - News Flash This Morning

13:26 - News Flash Piggy at BAFTA

13:51 - News Flash The Muppets Opens in the UK

15:13 - News Flash Happytime Murders News

15:50 - News Flash Kids' Choice Awards16:38 - Muppet Websites

17:10 - The MuppetCast

17:34 - Muppet Musings

18:21 -

19:13 - The Muppet Kid

20:30 - Muppets in Review - Muppets Marvel Magazine

24:03 - Muppets Podcast Feedback

28:05 - Waning Moments

29:12 - Contact Us

29:50 - Outro

30:36 - Outtakes


Jimmy in GA

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