The Muppets Podcast Episode 1.01 - Welcome to The Muppets Podcast

The new episode of the new The Muppets Podcast has been posted to the podcast feed. This episode we get into the Muppets Podcast Mail Bag, share the latest news in The Muppets Podcast News Flash, and then share about some Muppet websites. You can subscribe in iTunes.

Show Notes: Each of these is a chapter in AAC format that the show is produced in.

0:00 - Welcome

3:28 - Muppet Talk

5:28 - Muppets Podcast Mail Bag

6:12 - Mail Bag - The Muppet Kid

7:03 - Muppets Podcast Mail Bag

8:21 - Muppets Podcast New Flash

9:15 - News Flash - Muppets Not Anti Oil

9:43 - New Flash - Oscar nod for "Man or Muppet"

10:35 - News Flash - Kermit & Piggy

12:06 - News Flash - Being Elmo

13:03 - New Flash - The Muppets Blu-Ray

17:03 - Muppet Websites

17:44 - Muppet Sites - Muppet Wiki

18:20 - Muppet Sites - The Muppet Mindset

19:04 - Muppet Sites - Tough Pigs

19:57 - Muppet Sites - Scandinavian Muppet Art

21:12 - Contact Us

23:27 - Outro


Jimmy in GA

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